Build for Cloudflare Workers

Create a entry file for your API, preferably mod.ts with the following content:

import cheetah from ''

const { fetch } = new cheetah()
  .get('/', () => 'Hey there!')

export default { fetch }

Create a deno.json file similar to the following:

  "tasks": {
    "build": "deno run -A",
    "publish": "npx wrangler@3 deploy mod.js"

And a wrangler.toml file:

name = "<name>"
account_id = "<account_id>"
route = "<route>"
compatibility_date = "2023-03-24"

command = "deno task build"

Building your app

You can build your app by running cheetah build, which uses cheetah's build script.

Deploying your app

Please make sure to install wrangler (globally) before: npm i -g wrangler@3

Now you only need to run deno task publish.

Congratulations, you've taken the first step to writing an API with cheetah! 🥳🎉